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About Us

Seeba Eyewear was created in 2017 with the mission of helping people see the world better, inspiring to treasure color in every aspect of life, and preserving the quality of vision since an early age. We offer comfortable, stylish, and quality sunglasses for everyone who wants to see and experience the world through their eyes while protecting their vision.

About the Seeba Sunglasses

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We believe sunglasses should match your style, fit and feel comfortably on your face, and protect your eyes. Our sunglasses are polarized, made of quality materials, and designed for every occasion.

Seeba Eyewear | Comfort. Quality. Style.

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About BoomBoom Kids Sunglasses 

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With the idea that we, as parents, should be more aggressive in protecting kids’ eyes from UV, we created a kids brand of really cool, quality, polarized sunglasses.

BoomBoom Glasses is an eyewear brand 100% devoted to kids.

When our son Sebastian was born, we were surprised we couldn’t find sunglasses for him that would be durable, cute and with 100% UV protection at same time. Quality of lenses and materials was number one factor. We decided to create our own line of kids eyewear to meet our standards - this turned out to be BoomBoom Glasses. 

Kids wearing BoomBoom sunglasses

BoomBoom's are quality sunglasses made from safe, hypoallergenic and durable materials. Light, comfortable and fun for kids to wear. On top of that - at an affordable price and super easy to buy online. 

To reduce glare and for extra comfort of kids eyes, all BoomBoom sunglasses are equipped with quality polarized lenses with 100% UVA/UVB protection. Most models have flexible temples which makes them really hard for children to break. All models come with a FREE stylish case.

Kids wearing Boomboom glasses

We hope you love BoomBoom's! Have fun shopping as we have plenty of styles, shapes and colors to choose from. We highly encourage involving your little one in the process of choosing the model.

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